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The broken hot tub

Jules Bakhos
The Broken Hot Tub
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Last summer, a group of friends, consisting of four couples, decided to book a week-long getaway in a renowned guest house in Lebanon’s beautiful northern region. They were excited to explore the picturesque surroundings and indulge in some much-needed relaxation. However, their dream vacation took an unexpected turn when they arrived at the cabin.

Upon checking in, the group noticed that the hot tub, which was one of the main attractions of the property, was not working. They immediately brought this to the host’s attention, who apologized for the inconvenience and assured them that he would get it fixed as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, couple of days went by, and the hot tub remained out of order. The group started to feel increasingly frustrated as they had specifically chosen this property to be able to enjoy a hot tub, especially after a full day hike. They decided to approach the host again, expressing their disappointment and requesting a resolution.

The host being reasonable and responsible, understood the group concerns and assured them that he would do everything possible to rectify the situation. However, it turned out that the repair required a special and expensive part that would take few more days to arrive.

My friends couldn’t wait any longer for unmaterialized promises and decided to negotiate with the host to find a fair solution. They came up with a proposal which suggested a partial refund for the inconvenience caused due to the non-functional hot tub. They also requested that the host arrange for an alternative activity or amenity, such as a discounted rate for a local spa or a complimentary outdoor activity, to make up for the hot tub malfunction.

The host understood that it was important to maintain good customer relations and wanted to ensure that his guests had a memorable experience at his Guest House. He promptly arranged for a partial refund and also provided them with discounted vouchers for a nearby spa for the rest of the group stay.

The moral of the tale is the aggrieved party should tell the other party what will put it right and come up with a proposal proportionate to the problem they have encountered.

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