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The art of turning a No into a YES

Roger Darouni
© Image by kraphix on Freepik

It is a big day for Wissam, a 28-years-old resident of the West Bekaa, to present his Agrifood start up project and receive financial support from a group of investors. As Wissam presented his start up solutions to solve real challenges in rural communities, he was interrupted by a negative comment: “This is too optimistic – it’s not feasible” from one person in the panel.
Confused by this firm NO but undiscouraged, he began to dig deeper into the raised concerns, asking probing questions to understand the root of the rejection.
As the conversation progressed, Wissam discovered that the main issue was with the proposed timeline and project delivery date which were judged to be too ambitious. Instead of becoming defensive, he acknowledged the validity of the person’s concern and proposed a revised schedule that allowed for more flexibility without compromising the project’s feasibility.
Pleased by the adjustments Wissam introduced into his project, the investors lent a listening ear to Wissam’s advocacy as he explored the areas of concern, addressing each of the investors’ reservations with patience and creativity.
Finally, after several hours of intense discussion, they reached a solution that satisfied both parties. The proposed project will be funded, and Wissam was thrilled that his project will see the light. What started as a firm "No" was transformed into a pleasing “Yes” thanks to Wissam’s flexibility and strategic approach to negotiation.

Roger Darouni
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